Excel 2016 Shortcuts

With this reference, you will learn how to use easily Microsoft Excel 2016, all keyboard shortcuts that you need to work as a professional.

Free training document in pdf designated to beginners.

Table of Excel 2016 Shortcuts

  • Formatting
  • Open Format Cells dialog box
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Number format
  • Percent format
  • Date format
  • Increase font size
  • Decrease font size
  • Insert/edit comment
  • Increase Decimal
  • Decrease Decimal
  • Increase Indent
  • Decrease Indent
  • Clear cell data
  • Clear cell formats
  • Clear cell comments
  • Clear all
  • Borders
  • Outline border
  • Remove border
  • Left border 
  • Right border
  • Top border
  • Bottom border
  • Paste Special
  • Paste special formats
  • Paste special values
  • Paste special formulas
  • Paste special comments
  • Inspect cell values
  • Switch to formula view
  • Select direct precedents
  • Select direct dependents
  • Trace immediate precedents
  • Trace immediate dependents
  • Remove tracing arrows
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Excel 2016 Shortcuts

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