Microsoft Excel 2016 Course for Beginners

This course is a practical Guide Excel 2016 Level 1 for Beginners in PDF to download for free. The purpose of this training is to identify the elements of the Excel window, to create and format a table, to use a few simple calculation formulas and to print a table.

Table of contents

  • Excel Basics
  • Opening/Closing the file
  • Saving the file
  • Installing the “Analysis ToolPak” for PC
  • Installing the “Analysis ToolPak” for Mac
  • Entering data into Excel
  • Simple cell formatting
  • Entering data into cells
  • Spreadsheet Organization
  • Subscripts and superscripts
  • Widening/condensing column widths
  • Merge and center
  • Wrapping Text
  • Cell type
  • Autofill with patterns
  • Sorting data
  • Using formulas and functions
  • Built-in Functions
  • Absolute and relative referencing
  • Data visualization
  • Inserting a scatter plot
  • Gridlines and border styles
  • Extracting tables and graphs
  • Regression Tool in the Analysis ToolPak for PC/Mac
  • Using the Analysis ToolPak for PC/Mac
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Created: 2017-09-24

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