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Download free operating system courses and tutorials training in PDF (Windows 10, Windows 7, Unix, Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu,..)

Linux System Administrator's Guide

The Linux System Administrator's Guide is a PDF tutorial that describes the system administration aspects of using Linux. It is intended for people who knows nothing about system administration with Linux.Very useful resources for who wants to be familiar with commands and basics of linux features.

Submitted On : 2016-01-12

Taille : 848.93 Kb

Downloads : 1262

Linux Bash Shell

The purpose of this course is to provide a basic guide for student interested in Linux command Shell ,Free training document in PDF under 4 pages.

Submitted On : 2016-01-12

Taille : 104.86 Kb

Downloads : 796

Linux Filesystem Hierarchy

This PDF tutorial outlines the set of requirements and guidelines for file and directory placement under the Linux operating system ,free training document under 113 pages for download.

Submitted On : 2016-01-15

Taille : 600.78 Kb

Downloads : 423

Linux Fundamentals

Free Linux PDF tutorial for download by might by Paul Cobbaut, interesting and useful for home users that want to know a bit more about their Linux system.

Submitted On : 2016-01-15

Taille : 6,857.78 Kb

Downloads : 4031

Linux manual

This document is a Linux manual in one page ,A summary of useful Linux commands , free training linux course designated to beginners.

Submitted On : 2016-01-15

Taille : 94.28 Kb

Downloads : 819

Introduction to Windows 7

Download free Introduction to Microsoft Windows 7 ,Training course material ,a PDF file under 13 pages for beginners.

Submitted On : 2016-06-16

Taille : 404.22 Kb

Downloads : 733

Windows 7 Beginners guide

Download free Windows 7 for beginners ,a complet guide of new Features, material tutorial, PDF File by Charles Sturt University .

Submitted On : 2016-06-17

Taille : 2,344.74 Kb

Downloads : 566

Windows 7 New Features

Download free PDF tutorial about the new features and functions of Windows 7.Course material training on 7 pages for beginners.

Submitted On : 2016-06-17

Taille : 705.14 Kb

Downloads : 427

Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 8

Download free manual courses in PDF about Windows 8 shortcuts ,useful tutorial for who wants to be familiar with the new operating system of Microsoft.Document under 50 pages intended for beginners peoples.

Submitted On : 2016-06-17

Taille : 2,356.61 Kb

Downloads : 559

Windows 8 quick guide

This Microsoft Windows 8 tutorial is a quick refernce PDf file to learn the basics of this new operating system and his useful features.

Submitted On : 2016-06-17

Taille : 1,090.00 Kb

Downloads : 362