Linux manual


This document is a Linux manual in one page ,A summary of useful Linux commands , free training linux course designated to beginners.

Table of contents

  • Starting & Stopping
  • shutdown -r 5
  • shutdown -r now
  • Accessing & mounting file systems
  • Installing software for Linux
  • Finding files and text within files
  • The X Window System
  • User Administration
  • Moving, copying, deleting & viewing files
  • User Administration
  • Little known tips and tricks
  • Configuration files and what they do
  • /etc/profile
  • /etc/fstab


Excerpt from course

  • find / -name fname : Starting with the root directory, look for the file called fname
  • find / -name '*fname*' : Starting with the root directory, look for the file containing the string fname
  • locate missingfilename : Find a file called missingfilename using the locate command - this assumes you have already used the command updatedb (see next)
  • updatedb : Create or update the database of files on all file systems attached to the linux root directory which missingfilename Show the subdirectory containing the executable file called missing file name
  • grep : text string to find
  • /dir : Starting with the directory called dir , look for and list all files containing text string to find
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