Learning Linux From Scratch

Advanced tutorial for hight-level students, learn how to install a Linux system from the source code. Free pdf course for download.

A question many people raise is, “why go through all the hassle of manually building a Linux system from scratch when you can just download and install an existing one?” That is a good question and is the impetus for this section of the book.

Table of contents

  • Structure xiii
  • How to Build an LFS System
  • Preparing for the Build
  • Preparing a New Partition
  • Creating a New Partition
  • Creating a File System on the Partition
  • Mounting the New Partition
  • Creating the $LFS/tools Directory
  • Setting Up the Environment
  • Building the LFS System
  • Installing Basic System Software
  • Mounting Virtual Kernel File Systems
  • How Do These Bootscripts Work?
  • Device and Module Handling on an LFS System
  • The Bash Shell Startup Files
  • Making the LFS System Bootable
  • Creating the /etc/fstab File
  • Making the LFS System Bootable
  • Get Counted
  • Rebooting the System
  • What Now?

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