Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals

Download free course Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals, pdf file on 201 pages by Ed Bott.
Get a head start evaluating Windows 10-with technical insights from award-winning journalist and Windows expert Ed Bott. This guide introduces new features and capabilities, providing a practical, high-level overview for IT professionals ready to begin deployment planning now.

The goal of this book is to help you sort out what's new in Windows 10, with a special emphasis on features that are different from the Windows versions you and your organization are using today, starting with an overview of the operating system, describing the many changes to the user experience, and diving deep into deployment and management tools where it's necessary.

Table of contents

  • An overview of Windows 10
  • The Windows 10 user experience
  • Installation and activation
  • Deploying Windows 10 in the Enterprise
  • Security and privacy in Windows 10
  • Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11
  • Windows 10 networking
  • Hyper-V and desktop virtualization options
  • Recovery and troubleshooting tools
  • Integrating Azure Active Directory
  • Universal apps and the new Windows Store
  • Storage
  • Managing mobile devices and enterprise data
  • Windows 10 on phones and small tablets
  • What's new in Group Policy in Windows 10
Pages : 201
Size : 19.4 MB
File type : PDF
Downloads: 69
Created: 2022-02-03
License: Microsoft Open
Author(s): Ed Bott
Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals

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