Introduction to Excel VBA Macro programming

Introduction to Excel VBA Macro programming, Learn Excel tools by utilizing them in various cases, Understand the logic and syntax behind Visual Basic programming, which interacts with the Excel interface.

Table of contents

  • Goals of the Workshop
  • Workshop Structure
  • Workshop Resources
  • Case 1: Multiplication Table
  • Case 2: Percentile Calculations
  • Tutorial 1: Variables and Arrays
  • Case 3: Hello World
  • Tutorial 2: Functions
  • Tutorial 3: Loops and Decisions
  • Case 4: Gradebook Tallying
  • Case 5: Loop through Data
  • Tutorial 4: Recording Macro
  • Case 6: Select, Pull, Display
  • Tutorial 5: Userform
  • Case 7: Subway Data All-Around Analysis

Introduction to VBA

VB (Visual Basic) is a Windows application. It is a programming language, more precisely a modern object-oriented BASIC, which makes it possible to write autonomous applications, that is to say "double clickable". There is currently no version (November 2002) of Visual Basic for Macintosh, and to my knowledge, this is not the order of the day.

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is a subset of VB, integrated with Microsoft Office applications. VBA is less powerful than VB (no stand-alone application possible), but has the features of the associated application (Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint, ...).

Although VB only exists for Windows, VBA is happily present in Office versions for the Macintosh.

To use VBA, you have to leave Excel in a certain way: VBA has an interface of its own, with its menus, preferences and toolbars.

It should be understood that opening Excel gives access to 2 separate software, all 2 capable of interacting with Excel objects. The first is Excel itself, the second is VBA, of course.

The existence of 2 applications is crystal clear in Windows because they appear clearly in the taskbar.

Prior knowledge

Understanding the following requires functional knowledge of Excel.
You will be able to improve your knowledge of this software by reading the content of sections on Excel 2003 and Excel 2007.

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