VBA API Tutorial

Thanks to the different lessons, you will learn the VBA (Excel macros) for free ...

If you think that creating macros is too complicated and is not within your reach, rest assured, this course is suitable for beginners in programming and starts from scratch.

Like the Excel course, the lessons are rich in examples and simplified as much as possible to facilitate the learning of the VBA.

It is recommended that you follow the lessons in the order given, as you will need the knowledge from previous lessons for each new lesson.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Excel VBA (Developer)
  • API Commands for RIT
  • RIT API Initialization
  • Algorithmic Trading Example - Arbitrage


  • Basic principles
  • Programming methodology
  • Automatic macros

The basics of programming

  • Publisher VBE
  • Variables, constants
  • Conditional instructions
  • Loops for next
  • Loop loops
  • While wend
  • Links between macros
  • Workshop: Realization of a first project

VBA Excel Object

  • The Excel object model
  • Objects and collections of objects
  • Application Object

The forms

  • Create a form
  • customize a form
  • Events of the form objects
  • Running / closing a form
  • Custom forms
  • Validate programmatically with basic VBA commands

Create custom functions

  • the creation of functions.
  • The notion of arguments
  • Create, save a custom function
  • Use a custom function

Manage procedures properly

  • Create a private procedure
  • Call a procedure with or without arguments
  • Make optional arguments
  • Use ByRef and ByVal

The array variables

  • Create a table
  • Set up a multicolumn array
  • Sub-procedure and table
  • Create a dynamic table

Manage events

  • Workbook and Sheet Event Overview
  • Manage events on workbook
  • Manage events on a sheet

The basics of object programming

  • Define the notions of class and object
  • Composed variables
  • Module and class module
  • Class Creation in Programming
  • Define the notions of private and public

Create variables, methods, and class functions

  • Discover class methods and variables
  • Create object instances
  • Parameter class method
  • Discover class functions
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VBA API Tutorial

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