PowerPoint 2010 Advanced

Download advanced tutorial in PDF about PowerPoint 2010, free course under 201 pages by Stephen Moffat.

Main objective
Understand the more advanced notions of PowerPoint software in a multimedia environment.

Specific objectives

  • Integrate images, sounds, videos, narration into a presentation.
  • Unify your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Animate slide elements and automation ...
  • Transform your presentation into a WEB site.
  • Make a presentation to take away (Package for CD-ROM).
  • Introduce the Windows Movie Maker software.

This course includes several practical exercises, theoretical presentations and more specific explanations provided during the exercises.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Section 1 The basics
  • Launching powerpoint
  • The PowerpointScreen
  • Ribbon
  • Section 2 Creating a Presentation
  • Creating presentations
  • Changing the slide layout
  • Saving a presentation
  • Section 3 Powerpoint views
  • Different ways to view slides
  • Working with outline view
  • Slide sorter view
  • Slide show view
  • Section 4 Formatting slides
  • Selecting placeholders and text
  • Formatting text
  • Formatting numbered and bulleted lists
  • Section 5 Objects
  • Charts
  • Formatting charts
  • Layout ribbon
  • Illustrations
  • Smartart
  • The Design Ribbon
  • Creating A SmartartOrganisation Chart
  • Pictures
  • Clip art
  • Section 6 Slide types and layouts
  • Slides
  • Slide formatting
  • Please click the advert
  • Master slides
  • Section 7 Transition and animation effects
  • Animation effects
  • Slide Timings On Transitions
  • Printing
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