Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel

The following is a list of items you should check before creating a Pivot Table. 

A PivotTable, also called a PivotTable report, is used to summarize, analyze, explore, and present a summary of data from a spreadsheet or external data source. It uses two-dimensional data to create a three-dimensional array, based on multiple conditions with intersection points. A pivot table is especially useful when you have a wide range of data that can be viewed from a variety of perspectives.


  • The Pivot Table Source Data Checklist
  • Introduction to Pivot Tables
  • Organize the Source Data in a Tabular Format
  • Remove Blank Rows
  • Remove Blank Columns
  • Convert Value Fields to Numbers (NOT Text)
  • Convert Date Fields to Dates (NOT Text)
  • Date Fields Should Not Contain Blanks
  • Rename Column Headers
  • Put Your Source Data in a Table
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Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel

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