Excel 2016 Functions Tutorial

This book covers the advanced features of Microsoft Excel 2016; It is intended for anyone who knows the basics of Excel and wants to go further by learning the advanced functions of this spreadsheet.

Table of contents

  • Function arguments
  • Required arguments
  • Optional arguments
  • Cell reference
  • Enter a function
  • In a cell or a formula bar
  • Formulas tab
  • Functions to format text
  • Upper,Lower,Proper,Trim,..
  • Calculating functions
  • Sum,Average,Min,Max,..
  • Copy and Past function
  • AutoFill a function
  • Copy and Past function value
  • Name a Cell
  • Round function
  • Count, CountA
  • Convert, Substitute
  • Concatenate




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Created: 2018-04-02
Excel 2016 Functions Tutorial

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