Microsoft Excel 2007 : Essential Guide

The purpose of this course is to provide a basic guide for student who wants to be familar with the basics of Microsoft Excel 2007.

It's a free PDF tutorial designated to beginners under 17 pages.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Starting with Excel
  • Open new Excel document
  • Creating new sheet
  • The Excel screen
  • Naming a cell
  • Examining the cell Contents
  • Changing Column width and height
  • Changing the Format
  • Inserting Blank rows and columns
  • Changing the style of Text
  • AutoFit Column Widt
  • Storing numbers as text
  • The Copy/Past command
  • Creat a shortcut ina desktop
  • Customize Quick Access Toolbar
  • Calculating Totals (SUM Function)
  • The IF unction
  • Graphs and charts
  • Moving a chart
  • Altering the chart type
  • Borders and gridlines
  • Removing the gridlines
  • Print configutation
  • Printing your sheet
  • Row and column headings
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Created: 2015-12-30

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