Learning PHP language

Download this free eBook to learn the PHP language, a detailed 625-page document created by Stackoverflow.


  • Get started with PHP
  • HTML output from the web server
  • Non-HTML output of the Web server
  • Online class definition, no loading required
  • Manual loading of classes with require
  • Automatic loading replaces loading of manual class definition
  • Autoloading as part of a framework solution
  • Automatic loading with Composer
  • Chain analysis
  • Find a substring with strpos
  • Checking the existence of a substring
  • HTML analysis from a string
  • Use XPath
  • SimpleXML
  • AOP
  • PDO basic connection and recovery
  • Prevent SQL injection with parameterized queries
  • PDO: connection to the MySQL / MariaDB server
  • PDO: get the number of rows affected by a query
  • PDO :: lastInsertId ()
  • Simple storage and recovery
  • Store Information
  • Iterate on the inputs
  • Automatic learning
  • Classification using PHP-ML
  • SVC (Support Vector Classification)
  • HTTP authentication
  • Comparison between BCMath and float arithmetic operations
  • Set a cookie
  • Recover a cookie
  • Edit a cookie
  • Caching using memcache
  • Store data
  • Add or subtract date ranges
  • Create DateTime from custom format
  • Classes and interface components
  • Name spacing and automatic loading
  • Dynamic binding
  • Comments on a single line
  • Automatic loading with Composer
  • Benefits of using Composer
  • Establishment of a basic development environment
  • Chapter 25: Coding Conventions
  • Get a docker image for php
  • Managing socket errors
  • UDP server socket
  • Creating a UDP server socket
  • Install command line with APT for PHP 7
  • Installing in Enterprise Linux Distributions
  • Install a PHP environment on Windows


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