Object Oriented Programming in PHP5


The purpose of this PDF tutorial is to provide a basic guide for student interested in Object Oriented Programming in PHP5 to build a dynamic web application.

Table of contents

  • Basic PHP Constructs for OOP
  • Advanced OOP Features
  • Public, Private, and Protected Members
  • Polymorphism in PHP5
  • Abstract Classes
  • Simulating class functions
  • Calling parent functions
  • Calling parent constructors
  • The special name parent
  • Introspection Functions
  • OOP Style in PHP
  • Indenting, whitespace, and line length
  • Formatting control structures
  • Properties and methods of a class
  • Function definitions inside an abstract class
  • Formatting functions and function calls
  • Single inheritance
  • Multiple inheritance
  • Function definitions in subclasses
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