Introduction to web development with Python and Django


Django was created in 2003 in a news agency, Lawrence Journal-World, which was to develop complete websites in very short time (hence the idea of the framework). In 2005, this agency decided to offer Django to the general public, deeming it mature enough to be reused anywhere. Three years later, the foundation Django Software is created by the founders of the framework in order to be able to maintain this one and the very active community which surrounds it.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Http and the Request / Response cycle
  • The Client Server Architecture
  • Exercise
  • Take Away 
  • Setup
  • Project folder
  • Installing Django
  • Creating Django project
  • Creating the Database
  • Inspecting the Database
  • Running the server
  • Creating & installing the Blog App
  • Creating Web Services
  • website/
  • GET parameters
  • Exercises 
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