The Complete Beginner’s Guide to React

This tutorial assumes that you have at least a beginner’s grasp of HTML and JavaScript.

React.js is a JavaScript library that was created by Facebook.

If you are keen to learn React from the ground-up feel free to check Learn and Understand React JS on Zenva Academy which covers all the basics + lots of bonus topics like React Router and Flux.
Table of contents

  • Learn React online
  • Tutorial requirements
  • Downloading React and getting started
  • Why React is better with JSX
  • Understanding React components
  • React component states
  • How to use props
  • Organizing your interface
  • Form Validation Tutorial with React.JS
  • Download the source code
  • Tutorial requirements
  • Getting started with the tutorial
  • Setting up for form submission
  • Creating abstract form elements
  • Creating input fields
  • How to Submit Forms and Save Data with React.js and Node.js
  • Download the tutorial files
  • Tutorial requirements
  • Making revisions to a React user interface
  • Displaying new data from everyone
  • Submitting form data
  • Emptying fields on form submission
  • Saving data to the server
  • Creating a Crossword Puzzle game with React.JS
  • Download the source code
  • Tutorial requirements
  • Intro to JSFiddle
  • Downloading React
  • Defining Components
  • Rendering Components
  • Populating Props
  • Populating Properties in the Game
  • Composing Components
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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to React

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