Introduction to ReactJS

Learn the basics of JavaScript and DOM. Develop application user interfaces with ReactJS and Flux. Learn how JSX works. Master the Framework in a Web application environment.

Table of contents

  • ReactJS Web Application Page
  • ReactJS tool chain
  • reactApp.js - Render element into browser DOM
  • components/ReactAppView.js - ES6 class definition
  • ReactAppView render() method
  • ReactAppView render() method w/o variables
  • Use JSX to generate calls to createElement
  • One way binding
  • Calling React Components from events: A problem
  • Calling React Components from events workaround
  • A digression: camelCase vs dash-case
  • Programming with JSX
  • Conditional render in JSX
  • Iteration in JSX
  • Styling with React/JSX
  • Component lifecycle and methods
  • Example of lifecycle methods
  • Stateless Components
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Created: 2019-10-17
Introduction to ReactJS

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