Getting Started with AngularJS

This training will give you mastery of the key functionalities of the framework: filters,Controllers, templates ... You will also see its integration in a REST architecture

In order to take full advantage of The AngularJS training, it is Desirable to possess good Knowledge of HTML,Web technologies and JavaScript.

AngularJS is a fast-growing Javascript framework designed to structure and simplify development Rich client-side applications.

Developed by Google under open-source license, it natively integrates all features Usually obtained by assembling specialized libraries: routing, templates, bindings,REST calls ...

Its robustness, versatility and integrated test bench make it an essential element Of all web applications oriented REST!

Table of contents

  • What is AngularJS
  • Requirements
  • AngularJS Examples
  • Starter AngularJS app
  • templating
  • controller
  • What is a $scope?
  • AngularJS documentation on $scope
  • Using client-side models from different data sources
  • Using JSON in initial page load
  • Using REST API & JSON file
  • Templating methods
  • Templating method:Javascript
  • Templating method:
  • Two-way data binding
  • ng-model + ng-class
  • Filters and Formatters
  • Watch a $scope variable
  • Watch a $scope variable (code)
  • Client-side routing
  • Client-side routing (code)
  • Other Notable Directives
  • Interacting with a REST API
  • How Does $watch Work
  • Creating a custom directive
  • Creating a custom directive
  • Directive Best Practices
  • What I haven’t (and won’t) cover in detail
  • Why Use AngularJS?
  • Why should you use AngularJS in your next web app?
  • Weaknesses of AngularJS
  • AngularJS vs. Backbone.js
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