AngularJS Fundamentals

In this course, you will discover two advanced features of AngularJS: how to create Reusable components through the Guidelines, and how to implement filters Then you will learn how to manage authentication of your users Of a third party system.

Aims and Objectives

  • Discover AngularJS
  • Develop a rich application from a static model
  • Integrate into a REST-oriented architecture

The AngulaRJS training is intended to architects, developers And web project leaders wanting To optimize their web application with JavaScript.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Module : Getting Started
  • Single Page Application (SPA)
  • The Challenge With SPAs
  • AngularJSorg 
  • Download AngularJS 
  • Module : Directives, Filters and Data Binding
  • What are Directives?
  • Using Directives and Data Binding Syntax 
  • Data-Binding Example using AngularJS Directives
  • Iterating with the ng-repeat Directive 
  • ng-Repeat Example 
  • The AngularJS API Reference for Directives
  • ngRepeat Documentation
  • Using Filters
  • Using Filters Demo
  • Module : Views, Controllers and Scope
  • Creating a View and Controller
  • Module : Modules, Routes and Factories
  • Modules are Containers
  • Creating a Module
  • Creating a Controller in a Module
  • The Role of Routes
  • Defining Routes
  • Defining Routes Demo 
  • Using Factories and Services
  • The Role of the Factory
  • Factory Demo
  • Wrap-Up Demo: Pulling It All Together 
  • Summary 
  • Download the Sample Code
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