Node.js, a Developer's Guid

The Node.js Client API enables you to create Node.js applications that can read, write, and query documents and semantic data in a MarkLogic database. 

This tutorials demonstrates loading documents into the database, querying the documents,updating a portion of a document, and reading documents from the database. The basic features demonstrated here have many more capabilities. The end of this section contains pointers to resources for exploring the Node.js Client API in more detail

Table of contents

  • Introduction to the Node.js Client API
  • Getting Started
  • Required Software
  • Security Requirements
  • Basic Security Requirements
  • Controlling Document Access
  • Evaluating Requests Against a Different Database
  • Evaluating or Invoking Server-Side Code
  • Using CombinedQueryDefinition
  • Terms and Definitions
  • Key Concepts and Conventions
  • Calling Convention
  • Example: Loading A Single Document
  • Example: Loading Multiple Documents
  • Inserting or Updating Metadata for One Document
  • Automatically Generating Document URIs
  • Transforming Content During Ingestion
  • Reading Documents from the Database
  • Example: Installing and Using a Resource Service Extension
  • Retrieving the Implementation of a Resource Service Extension
  • Discovering Resource Service Extensions
  • Deleting Resource Service Extensions
  • Working with Content Transformations
  • What is a Content Transformation?
  • Creating a Transformation
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