Introduction to Node.js

Download free NodeJs tutorial course material and training in PDF file under 23 pages intended to beginners.

NodeJS is a platform built on the Chrome JavaScript executor to develop scalable and scalable applications on a network. This development can be done easily, quickly and efficiently.

NodeJS uses event programming to facilitate exchanges between clients and a server. In addition, the input-output is non-blocking, making NodeJS a lightweight and efficient tool. This benefits applications that intensively exchange data in real time.

The fact that NodeJS is on a JavaScript base, all systems with browsers supporting JavaScript are client-side compatible. On the server side, it is enough to install the program node which will then be available to the execution in command line. For the installation, you just need to download the file on this link: NodeJS Installer. Then, follow the instructions on the screen.

Table of contents

  • Introduction to Node
  • What is Node ?
  • Node's Goal ?
  • Single Threaded
  • Event Loop
  • Non blocking I/O
  • Adding Socket.IO
  • Architecture
  • A TCP proxy written on top of Node.js and Socket.IO
  • Starting the server
  • Loading required modules
Introduction to Node.js
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