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Document Object Model Tutorial

Document Object Model Tutorial

In practice, DOM allows to load an entire XML document into memory and opposes this point to SAX (which makes it possible to process an XML document in one pass, without memory usage). At a minimum, DOM uses a memory area of the read XML file; In practice, it is often more and more so to prepare to respond effectively to complex questions.

Table of contents

  • DOM
  • Tasks that can be performed with DOM
  • Example: root.xml
  • The Node Hierarchy
  • Interface Names and Their Constants
  • Methods for Inspecting DOM a Tree
  • String getTagName()
  • NamedNodeMap getAttributes()
  • String getAttribute(String name)
  • Attr getAttributeNode(String name)
  • NodeList getElementsByTagName(String name)
  • boolean hasAttributes()
  • boolean hasAttribute(String name)
  • Methods in NodeList
  • Displaying a DOM Tree
  • The Program: DomParse.java
  • Entity References
  • New parse Method (incorporating getEntries)
  • An Introduction to XPath
  • Location Definitions
  • Displaying XPath Expressions
  • XPath in Java
  • Problems with Using Text Output to Build XML
  • Methods for Creating a DOM Tree
  • Formatted Output

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