Python and the XML

Parser of HTML and XML with python and library Python Programming Course Tutorial Computing Learning.

There are several libraries for manipulating XML documents with Python, but this chapter is limited to a part of the standard xml package. This package provides several sub-packages:

  • Dom contains minidom, an implementation of DOM in Python,
  • Sax is an available implementation dictionary,
  • Parsers contains the parsers used internally by DOM and SAX.

In addition, several libraries and extensions are available. They provide, for example, higher level abstractions and typed tools for a given use.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 
  • When not to use the DOM 
  • URL and URN 
  • Absolute URI 
  • Local name 
  • Reading an XML document in Python 
  • A quick and dirty document reader 
  • A full-featured reader 
  • The structure of a DOM tree 
  • The Node class 
  • NodehasChildNodes() 
  • NodeinsertBefore() 
  • NodeisSameNode() 
  • NoderemoveChild() 
  • NodereplaceChild() 
  • Nodexpath() 
  • The Document class 
  • The Element class 
  • ElementhasAttributeNS() 
  • ElementremoveAttributeNS() 
  • ElementsetAttributeNS() 
  • ElementsetAttributeNodeNS() 
  • The Attr class 
  • New Mexico Tech Computer Center Python-XML DOM 
  • The CharacterData classes: Text, CDATA, and Comment 
  • CharacterDatareplaceData() 
  • CharacterDatasubstringData() 
  • The DOMImplementation object 
  • DOMImplementationcreateDocument() 
  • DOMImplementationcreateRootNode() 
  • Printing a document 
  • Creating a document from scratch: factory methods 
  • DocumentcreateElementNS() 
  • DocumentcreateTextNode() 
  • xmlcreatepy: A more Pythonic module for XML file creation 
  • The DocumentType class 
  • The Document class 
  • The Element class 
  • The Text class 
  • xmlcreatepy: The source code 
  • Prologue to xmlcreatepy 
  • The DocumentType class 
  • The Document class 
  • DocumentsplitQName(): Process a qualified name 
  • Documentserialize() 
  • Documentwrite() 
  • The Element class 
  • Element__newElement(): Element child of an element 
  • Element__setitem__() 
  • Elementupdate(): Copy XML attributes to the element 
  • The DocumentFragment class 
  • DocumentFragmentserialize() 
  • DocumentFragmentwrite() 
  • Test driver for multiple namespaces: crens 
  • Test driver for a document fragment: crefrag 
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