Node.js tutorial pdf

This tutorial is designed for software programmers who want to learn the basics of Node.js and its architectural concepts.

The purpose of this document is to allow you to develop applications with Node.js by learning all the advanced notions you will need with JavaScript.

Node.js is a framework for designing sites programmed in JavaScript on the server side. Its first version dates from 2009. However, unlike PHP for example, it is not a simple script language running on a pre-existing server; In fact, it is necessary to code itself with node the different layers of the server. It will thus be necessary to set up:

  • The HTTP server itself, with the management of various HTPP messages
  • Routing queries to the correct server pages
  • What to retrieve the parameters entered in the URL
  • A system to send content to the client based on the URL
  • A device enabling, in JavaScript, to manage accesses to the file system to allow not only the reading, but also the writing and even the sending of files by the user.


Table of contents

  • Threads
  • Events
  • Event queue
  • Inner loop
  • Example readRequest(socket)
  • Add events and an event queue
  • Add a proper module system
  • Node.js reading a file
  • Node Modules
  • Import using require()
  • Module files have a private scope
  • Huge library of modules (npm)
  • Node Buffer class
  • Buffer operations
  • Programming with Events/Callbacks
  • Listener/emitter pattern
  • Typical EventEmitter patterns
  • Readable streams
  • Socket setup for TCP connections
  • TCP Networking on Node.js
Node.js tutorial pdf
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