Getting started with PrestaShop

Training support to learn how to use Prestashop, what is PrestaShop doing? Why choose PrestaShop compared to its competitors?

This is an app that allows you to easily manage an online store. It is comparable to softs like OsCommerce, Zencart or Magento for example.

Excerpt from course

Uploading PrestaShop

You should now have a hosting space at your disposal, and a folder on your hard-drive with the uncompressed PrestaShop archive. This step makes you upload the PrestaShop files on your hosting space. This is done using a FTP client.

Installing and configuring your FTP client FTP is short for 'File Transfer Protocol'. A great and free FTP client is FileZilla. Download it and install it. Note: do not download FileZilla Server, only FileZilla Client!


Table of contents

  • Technical requirements
  • Installing PrestaShop
  • Downloading the PrestaShop archive
  • Uploading PrestaShop
  • Installing and configuring your FTP client
  • Uploading your files
  • Creating a database for your shop
  • Launching the auto-installer
  • System compatibility & system configuration
  • Database configuration
  • E-mail delivery set-up
  • Shop configuration
  • Completing the installation
  • Keep a test version at hand
  • Checking for the GD library
  • Activating PHP5
  • Updating PrestaShop
  • Uninstalling PrestaShop
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