Learn Node.JS

This beginner's course of Node.js will teach you how to make a first functional Web application using Node.js. The author presents his work as the guide he would have liked to read starting with Node.js. He has deliberately simplified his explanations so as to be comprehensible to the greatest number and his goal is clearly achieved.

Table of contents

  • Get started with Node.js
  • Hello World command line
  • Installing and running Node.js
  • Running a node program
  • Deploy your application online
  • Socket TLS: server and client
  • How to create a key and a certificate
  • Boolean switches
  • csv parser in the node js
  • Use FS to read in a CSV file
  • Simple CRUD API based on REST
  • REST API for CRUD in Express 3+
  • Chapter 5: Web Applications with Express
  • More complicated example
  • Use the middleware and the next reminder
  • Error management
  • Hook: How to execute code before any request
  • Graceful stop
  • Asynchronous functions with try-catch error handling
  • Comparison between promises and async / pending
  • Progress of reminders
  • Parallel: multi-tasking
  • Call async.parallel () with an object
  • Resolution of several values
  • Windows authentication under node.js
  • Database (MongoDB with Mongoose)
  • Mongoose Library
  • Connect to MongoDB using Mongoose
  • Save data to MongoDB using Mongoose and Express.js routes
  • Index in the models.
  • Useful functions of Mongoose
  • Bluebird Promises
  • How modules are loaded
  • Arduino communication with nodeJs
  • Client-server communication
  • Error Management: GET all resources
  • Log in to Mongodb
  • Simple example to connect mongoDB from Node.JS
  • A simple way to connect mongoDB with Node.JS Basic
  • API creation with Node.js
  • Deploying the Node.js application without downtime.
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Created: 2019-04-22

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