Learning Python language

Complete Python language tutorial, courses, exercises and Python language examples designed for developers who want to learn the basics of this language. PDF document on 1067 pages created by StackOverFlow.

Table of contents

  • Get started with Python
  • Hello, World in Python using IDLE
  • Hello World Python file
  • Creating variables and assigning values
  • Sequences and collections
  • Built-in constants
  • Spaces vs. tabs
  • String function - str () and repr ()
  • Installing plugins using pip
  • Find / install a package
  • Upgrading Installed Packages
  • Installing Python 2.7.x and 3.x
  • Displays the source code of an object
  • Objects that are not integrated
  • Objects defined interactively
  • Integrated objects
  • Access to the database
  • Important functions of the Cursor
  • SQLite and Python data types
  • Access to the PostgreSQL database with psycopg2
  • Establish a connection to the database and create a table
  • Access to basic attributes using point notation
  • Setters, Getters & Properties
  • Alternatives to changing declarations from other languages
  • Use class introspection
  • Use a context manager
  • Analyzing Command Line Arguments
  • Using Argv Command Line Arguments
  • Custom parser error message with argparse
  • Conceptual grouping of arguments with argparse.add_argument_group ()
  • Anti-Patterns Python
  • Call Python from C #
  • Start a subprocess
  • Waiting for a subprocess to complete
  • Reading the output of a subprocess
  • Interactive access to running subprocesses
  • Write in a subprocess
  • Reading a flow from a subprocess
  • Pause and continue in the loops
  • break declaration
  • continuous statement
  • Nested loops
  • Chemical kinetics (system of ordinary differential equations)
  • Effects of the del command
  • Reusing primitive objects
  • Initialize the serial device
  • Read from the serial port
  • Check which serial ports are available on your machine
  • Count occurrences of a substring in a string: str.count ()
  • Counting occurrences in the numpy array
  • Python competition
  • The multiprocessing module
  • Passing data between multiprocess processes
  • Connecting Python to SQL Server
  • Basic course with Python
  • Create Python packages
  • Parse a string in a time-sensitive datetime object
  • Simple date arithmetic
  • Using datetime base objects
  • Iterate on dates
  • Decorator with arguments (decorator factory)
  • Decorator duties
  • Built-in functions that work with inheritance
  • Class and Instance Variables
  • Linked, unrelated and static methods
  • Start the cleaning code with finally
  • Relaunching the exceptions
  • Hierarchy of exceptions
  • Bidirectional conversions
  • Destructuring the list (aka packing and unpacking)
  • Access values from a dictionary
  • The dict () constructor
  • Avoid KeyError exceptions
  • Access keys and values
  • Create an ordered dictionary
  • Check if it is running in a virtual environment
  • Events sent by the Python server
  • Dictionary key initializations
  • Escape to special characters
  • External input, subset, and output data files using
  • Avoid the multiplatform encoding hell
  • Random access to files using mmap
  • Replacing text in a file
  • Filter as a short circuit check
  • Additional function: filterfalse, ifilterfalse
  • Basic map usage, itertools.imap and future_builtins.map
  • Avoid repetitive and expensive operations by using a conditional clause
  • Python network
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