100 Laravel Quick Tips

Download free course 100 Laravel Quick Tips, pdf file on 41 pages by Self-publishing3
Laravel is full of hidden gems, undocumented or less-known features, functions parameters and "hacks". While finding them in work of my team, I decided to compile them into an ebook.
Table of contents
  • Single Action Controllers
  • Unsigned Integer
  • OrderBy on Eloquent relationships
  • Order of Migrations
  • Raw DB Queries: havingRaw()
  • $loop variable in foreach
  • Eloquent where date methods
  • Route group within a group
  • Increments and decrements
  • Does view file exist?
  • No timestamp columns
  • Migration fields with timezones
  • Eloquent has() deeper
  • Database migrations column types
  • Artisan command help
  • Default Timestamp
  • Set logged in user with Observers
  • Soft-deletes: multiple restore
  • Has Many. How many exactly?
  • Image validation
  • Wildcard subdomains
  • Exact Laravel version
  • Testing email into laravel.log
  • Error code Blade pages
  • Factory callbacks
  • Artisan command parameters
  • Preview Mailables
  • Route::view() - Don't create Controllers
  • Blade @auth
  • Model all: columns
  • Localhost in .env
  • What's behind the routes?
  • To Fail or not to Fail
  • Column name change
  • Logging with parameters
  • Default Model
  • Use hasMany to create Many
  • More convenient DD
  • Map query results
  • Custom validation error messages
  • When (NOT) to run "composer update"
  • Two-level $loop variable in Blade
  • Route Model Binding: You can define a key
  • Redirect to Specific Controller Method
  • Did you know about Auth::once()?
  • Eager Loading with Exact Columns
  • Validate dates with "now" or "yesterday" words
  • Touch parent updated_at easily
  • Quickly Navigate from Routes file to Controller
  • Always Check if Relationship Exists
  • Don't Filter by NULL in Collections
  • Default Email Subject in Laravel Notifications
  • Composer: Check for Newer Versions
  • Route Fallback - When no Other Route is Matched
  • Create Your Own Blade Directive
  • Use withCount() to Calculate Child Relationships Records
  • Use groupBy on Collections with Custom Callback Function
  • Blade Directives: IncludeIf, IncludeWhen, IncludeFirst
  • Change Default Timestamp Fields
  • Quick Order by created_at
  • Generate Images with Seeds/Factories
  • Eloquent: Update Parent in One Line
  • Eloquent: Laravel 7+ Foreign Keys
  • Multiple Collection Methods in a Row
  • More Events on User Registration
  • Extra Filter Query on Relationships
  • Send Notifications to Anyone
  • Sub-selects in Laravel Way
  • API Resources: With or Without "data"?
  • API Return "Everything went ok"
  • Automatic Column Value When Creating Records
  • DB Raw Query Calculations Run Faster
  • More than One Scope
  • Hide Some Columns
  • Combine Two "whereHas"
  • Auto-Capitalize Translations
  • Validation Rule with Some Conditions
  • Check if Relationship Method Exists
  • Exact DB Error
  • Route Parameters Validation with RegExp
  • Rate Limiting: Global and for Guests/Users
  • Add Parameters to Routes
  • Check Multiple Permissions at Once
  • Check Auth Quicker
  • No Need to Convert Carbon
  • Soft-Deletes with Query Builder
  • Grouping by First Letter
  • Load Relationships Always, but Dynamically
  • Instead of belongsTo, use hasMany
  • Change Default Validation Messages
  • Validate Images Dimensions
  • Carbon with Only Hours/Minutes
  • Good Old SQL Query
  • Prepare for Validation
  • Rename Pivot Table
  • Similar Relationship but With Condition
  • Never Update the Column
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Find Many
  • Stop on First Validation Error
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Created: 2022-02-01
License: Open Publication License
100 Laravel Quick Tips

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