Category Theory for Programmers

Category Theory is one of the most abstract branches of mathematics. It is usually taught to graduate students after they have mastered several other branches of mathematics, like algebra, topology, and group theory. It might, therefore, come as a shock that the basic concepts of category theory can be explained in relatively simple terms to anybody with some experience in programming.

That's because, just like programming, category theory is about structure. Mathematicians discover structure in mathematical theories, programmers discover structure in computer programs. Well-structured programs are easier to understand and maintain and are less likely to contain bugs. Category theory provides the language to talk about structure and learning it will make you a better programmer.

Table of contents

  • Category: The Essence of Composition
  • Types and Functions
  • Categories Great and Small
  • Kleisli Categories
  • Products and Coproducts
  • Simple Algebraic Data Types
  • Functors
  • Functoriality
  • Function Types
  • Natural Transformations
  • Declarative Programming
  • Limits and Colimits
  • Free Monoids
  • Representable Functors
  • The Yoneda Lemma
  • Yoneda Embedding
  • It's All About Morphisms
  • Adjunctions
  • Free/Forgetful Adjunctions
  • Monads: Programmer's Definition
  • Monads and Effects
  • Monads Categorically
  • Comonads
  • F-Algebras
  • Algebras for Monads
  • Ends and Coends
  • Kan Extensions
  • Enriched Categories
  • Topoi
  • Lawvere Theories
  • Monads, Monoids, and Categories
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Created: 2022-02-01
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Author(s): by Bartosz Milewski
Category Theory for Programmers

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