Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010

Download free training document in PDF intituled Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010, course on 159 pages for beginners.

This tutorial should be used as a point of reference following attendance of the introductory level Word 2010 training course. It covers all the topics taught and aims to act as a support aid for any tasks carried out by the user after the course.

Explorer Word; apply the basic concepts; entering and editing text; checking grammar and spelling; the impresion; the display of documents; acquire help; character formatting; paragraph formatting section breaks; indenting paragraphs; styles; the themes; the formatting of documents; numbered lists and bulleted lists; headers and footers


Table of contents

  • How to use this guide
  • The basics
  • Windows concepts
  • Enter and edit text
  • Editing text
  • file operations
  • Navigation method
  • Editing tools
  • Selecting text
  • Copy - Past - Cut
  • Formatting
  • Character formats
  • Font dialog
  • The mini toolbar
  • Paragraph format
  • Borders
  • Tabs
  • Tables
  • Page setup
  • Header and Footer
  • Viewing your document
  • Printing



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Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010

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