Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010

Download free training document in PDF intituled Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010, course on 159 pages for beginners.

This tutorial should be used as a point of reference following attendance of the introductory level Word 2010 training course. It covers all the topics taught and aims to act as a support aid for any tasks carried out by the user after the course.

Explorer Word; apply the basic concepts; entering and editing text; checking grammar and spelling; the impresion; the display of documents; acquire help; character formatting; paragraph formatting section breaks; indenting paragraphs; styles; the themes; the formatting of documents; numbered lists and bulleted lists; headers and footers


Table of contents

  • How to use this guide
  • The basics
  • Windows concepts
  • Enter and edit text
  • Editing text
  • file operations
  • Navigation method
  • Editing tools
  • Selecting text
  • Copy - Past - Cut
  • Formatting
  • Character formats
  • Font dialog
  • The mini toolbar
  • Paragraph format
  • Borders
  • Tabs
  • Tables
  • Page setup
  • Header and Footer
  • Viewing your document
  • Printing



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What this Word 2010 course can do for you

Take advantage of this course called Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010 to improve your Programming skills and better understand Word 2010.

This course is adapted to your level as well as all Word 2010 pdf courses to better enrich your knowledge.

All you need to do is download the training document, open it and start learning Word 2010 for free.

This tutorial has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand basic Word 2010 Programming. After completing this tutorial you will find yourself at a moderate level of expertise in Word 2010 from where you can take yourself to next levels.

This tutorial is designed for Word 2010 students who are completely unaware of Word 2010 concepts but they have basic understanding on Programming training.