A Programmer's guide to C# 5.0

Download a free Csharp training document in PDF .This pdf tutorial is for software developers who want to understand the basics of C# programming. 

They will learn the object-oriented programming concepts .

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The .NET Runtime
  • Chapter 1: C# and Libraries
  • Chapter 2: C# QuickStart
  • Chapter 5: Exception Handling
  • Chapter 5: Object-oriented programming concepts
  • Chapter 6: Member Accessibility and Overloading
  • Chapter 7: Variables
  • Chapter 7: Class Details
  • Chapter 9: Interfaces
  • Chapter 9: OOP basics
  • Chapter 10: Versioning and Aliases
  • Chapter 11: Flow of Execution
  • Chapter 12: Variable Scoping and Definite Assignment
  • Chapter 13: Operators and Expressions
  • Chapter 14: Conversions
  • Chapter 15: Arrays and Strings
  • Chapter 17: Generic Types
  • Chapter 18: Indexers, Enumerators, and Iterators
  • Chapter 21: Attributes and Arrays
  • Chapter 22: Delegates, Anonymous Methods, and Lambdas
  • Chapter 24: Dynamic Typing
  • Chapter 25: User-Defined Conversions
  • Chapter 26: Operator Overloading
  • Chapter 28: Linq to Objects ,XML ,and SQL
  • Chapter 31: Other Details of C#
  • Chapter 32: The fundamental of .NET Framework
  • Chapter 33: Collection Classes
  • Chapter 34: Threading
  • Chapter 35: Parallel Programming
  • Chapter 38: .NET Base Class Library Overview
  • Chapter 39: More about C#
  • Chapter 41: IDEs and Utilities
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