Getting started with Raspberry PI

Getting started with Raspberry Pi, lessons and examples to download for free in PDF format, tutorial created by StackOverflow.

Table of contents

  • Starting with Raspberry Pi
  • SD card configuration
  • Raspberry Pi Installation - Windows
  • Raspberry Pi Introduction - Hello everyone in C
  • Hello World - My first program with Raspberry
  • Connect with IPv6
  • Proxy configuration
  • Installing Raspberry Pi
  • Enable SSH on Raspbian
  • Enable SSH using a Windows computer
  • Use Raspberry Pi as a headless system
  • Create a scan station with scanbd (Raspbian)
  • Introduction and installation
  • Set up healthy to scan from the network
  • Configure scanbd to query the local scanner
  • Identify the local scanner
  • Confirm that the local scanner is detected by scanbd
  • What happens if "device found" does not appear?
  • Configure xinetd for scanbm to listen on the network
  • Trigger actions from the scanner buttons
  • Operating systems
  • Raspbian
  • Operating systems based on Yocto
  • Windows 10 Core IoT
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Created: 2019-04-27

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