Raspberry Pi Camera Guide

Download free course Raspberry Pi Camera Guide, pdf file on 132 pages by Dan Aldred, Wesley Archer, Jody Carter, PJ Evans, Richard Hayler, James Singleton, Rob Zwetsloot.
Take pictures and shoot video with your Raspberry Pi. Connecting a High Quality Camera or Camera Module turns your favourite credit-card-sized computer into a powerful digital camera. Learn how to set up and control the camera to capture stills and video footage. Discover the numerous modes and effects available, and use the camera in a variety of exciting projects across 17 packed chapters:
- Set up the new High Quality Camera, attach a lens, and start capturing stunning hi-res images
- Take selfies and shoot stop-motion videos
- Build a wildlife camera and also an underwater one
- Make a smart door with a video doorbell
- Set up a security camera to monitor your home
- And much, much more!

Table of contents

  • Getting started
  • Precise camera control
  • Time-lapse photography
  • High-speed photography
  • Control the camera from Python
  • Stop-motion and selfies
  • Flash photography using an LED
  • Make a Minecraft photo booth
  • Make a spy camera
  • Smart door
  • Car Spy Pi
  • Build a wildlife camera trap
  • Take your camera underwater
  • Install a bird box camera
  • Live-stream video and stills
  • Set up a security camera
  • Quick reference
Pages : 132
Size : 9.1 MB
File type : PDF
Downloads: 126
Created: 2022-02-03
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Author(s): Dan Aldred, Wesley Archer, Jody Carter, PJ Evans, Richard Hayler, James Singleton, Rob Zwetsloot
Raspberry Pi Camera Guide

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