20 Awesome Uses for a Raspberry Pi

This is a free Raspberry PI PDF tutorial in 22 chapters and 21 pages. This document aims to give students 20 awesome projects that you can use Raspberry PI.

Table of contents

  • Desktop PC
  • Wireless Print Server
  • Add AirPrint Support to Your Pi Print Server
  • Media Center
  • Retro Gaming Machine
  • Minecraft Game Server
  • Robot Controller
  • Stop Motion Camera
  • Time Lapse Camera
  • FM Radio Station
  • Web Server
  • Create a Twitter Bot
  • Build a Motion Capture Security System
  • Inspiring Digital Photo Frame
  • Photograph the Night Sky
  • Build a Network Monitoring Tool
  • Your Raspberry Pi as a Smart TV
  • DIY NAS Box
  • A Home Automation System With Arduino
  • Build an AirPlay Receiver
  • Your Favorite Raspberry Pi Project?
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Created: 2019-05-01

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