Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Zero

Download a free Raspberry Pi PDF tutorial in 11 chapters and 18 pages. This course aims to give users the basics concepts of Raspberry Pi zero from installing Raspbian to building a Raspberry Pi iBeacon.

Table of contents

  • What Is the Raspberry Pi Zero?
  • What Do You Get in the Box?
  • Size Comparison
  • Get Started with the Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Installing Raspbian with Windows
  • Installing Raspian with a Mac
  • Hey, NOOBS, Flash This!
  • Pre-Installed SD Cards
  • Connecting the Cables
  • Getting the Pi Zero Online
  • Mouse and Keyboard Options
  • Should You Connect a Monitor or Not?
  • A Pi Zero Case
  • Adding Pins to the GPIO
  • What the Pi Zero Means for Projects
  • FM Radio
  • Home Automation with OpenHAB
  • Airplay Receiver
  • Build a Raspberry Pi iBeacon
  • A Raspberry Pi Media Center
  • The Raspberry Pi Zero: A Must Have for DIY
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File type : pdf
Downloads: 159
Created: 2019-05-02

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