PicoLisp Works

Download free course PicoLisp Works, pdf file on 467 pages by Thorsten Jolitz.
PicoLisp Works is a compilation of (almost) all available information about the technological gem PicoLisp - a programming language and environment that definitely deserves wider attention.

Built on the unique characteristics of Lisp (almost no syntax, code is equivalent to data), PicoLisp combines powerful abstractions with simplicity and purity.

In a software world that is driven by hypes and desillusions, a language like PicoLisp almost appears as timeless as mathematics. With its roots in the very beginning of programming language development (Lisp was, together with Fortran, among the very first of its kind), PicoLisp may well represent the future too - as a candidate for being the "hundred-year language", that all programming languages finally converge into.

Table of contents

  • A Radical Approach to Application Development
  • A Unifying Language for Database And User Interface Development
  • The PicoLisp Reference
  • The Equivalence of Code and Data
  • First Class Environments
  • Even small details make a difference!
  • The Dual Nature of NIL
  • Array Abstinence
  • Coroutines
  • Transient Namespaces
  • Native C Calls
  • The 'select' Predicate
  • Using 'edit'
  • Bash Completion
  • The Need for Speed
  • GUI Scripting
  • Manual Page
  • A PicoLisp Tutorial
  • PicoLisp Application Development
  • VizReader's distributed word index
  • Asynchronous Programming in PicoLisp
  • PicoLisp Ticker
  • The many uses of @ in PicoLisp
  • Wacky Stuff with circular Lists
  • Speedtest PicoLisp vs Elisp
  • PicoLisp at first glance
  • Registers and Quoting in PicoLisp
  • Working with tables in PicoLisp
  • Simple OO in PicoLisp
  • More OO in PicoLisp
  • Simple OODB in PicoLisp
  • Advanced OODB in PicoLisp
  • Registration Form in PicoLisp
  • Explicit Scope Resolution in PicoLisp
  • Pilog Solve and the +Aux Relation
  • PicoLisp and JSON
  • Factorials, Permutations and Recursion in PicoLisp
  • Prolog as a Dating Aid
  • jQuery and PicoLisp
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Some technical questions and answers
  • README 64-bit
  • Generic VM/Assembler
  • Internal Structures 64-bit Version
  • README Ersatz-PicoLisp
  • Ersatz PicoLisp Java Reflection API
Pages : 467
Size : 1.9 MB
File type : PDF
Downloads: 89
Created: 2022-02-03
License: GNU FDL
Author(s): Thorsten Jolitz
PicoLisp Works

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