Advanced Android Programming Tutorial

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Table of contents

  • Getting started with Android
  • Creating a New Project
  • Setting up Android Studio
  • Android programming without an IDE
  • Application Fundamentals
  • Setting up an AVD (Android Virtual Device)
  • Android Studio
  • Setup Android Studio
  • View And Add Shortcuts in Android Studio
  • Android Studio useful shortcuts
  • Android Studio Improve performance tip
  • Gradle build project takes forever
  • Autosizing TextViews
  • Granularity
  • Preset Sizes
  • ListView
  • Custom ArrayAdapter
  • A basic ListView with an ArrayAdapter
  • Filtering with CursorAdapter
  • Layouts
  • LayoutParams
  • Custom Click Listener to prevent multiple fast clicks
  • Using the layout to define a click action
  • Listening to the long click events
  • Emulator
  • Taking screenshots
  • Simulate call
  • Open the AVD Manager
  • Resolving Errors while starting emulator
  • Service
  • Lifecycle of a Service
  • Defining the process of a service
  • Creating an unbound service
  • Starting a Service
  • Creating Bound Service with help of Binder
  • Creating Remote Service (via AIDL)
  • The Manifest File
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