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Programming in Lua

Programming in Lua

This book is for students and professionals who are intrigued by the prospect of learning and using a powerful language that provides a rich infrastructure for creating programs. No programming knowledge is necessary to benefit from this book except for the section on Lua bindings, which requires some familiarity with the C programming language. A certain comfort level with command-line operations, text editing, and directory structures is assumed.

Lua is the language of choice for anyone who needs a scripting language that is simple, efficient, extensible, portable, and free. Currently, Lua is being used in areas ranging from embedded systems to Web development and is widely spread in the game industry, where knowledge of Lua is an indisputable asset. Lua also has established itself as a major language in software development for mobile devices.

Pages : 388 pages
File type : pdf
Downloads: 37
Submitted On: 2020-08-30
License: This online book is freely available for personal use only.
Author(s): Roberto Ierusalimschy

Take advantage of this course called Programming in Lua to improve your Programming skills and better understand Lua.

This course is adapted to your level as well as all Lua pdf courses to better enrich your knowledge.

All you need to do is download the training document, open it and start learning Lua for free.

This tutorial has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand basic Lua Programming. After completing this tutorial you will find yourself at a moderate level of expertise in Lua from where you can take yourself to next levels.

This tutorial is designed for Lua students who are completely unaware of Lua concepts but they have basic understanding on Programming training.


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