Hibernate Annotations

This pdf tutorial present a reference guide for Hibernate , a training document course on 49 pages for beginners.

Hibernate needs several elements to operate:

  • javabean a type of class that encapsulates the data of an instance of a table a configuration
  • file that ensures the correspondence between the class and the table (mapping) including information on configuration
  • properties for connecting to the database

Supported databases are the main market: DB2, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, SQL Server, Sap DB, InterBase, ...

The http://www.hibernate.org official website has lots of information on the tool and offers to download and documentation.

Table of contents

  • Setting up an annotations project 
  • Entity Beans 
  • Intro 
  • Mapping with EJB3 Annotations 
  • Defining the table 
  • Versioning for optimistic locking 
  • Mapping simple properties 
  • Declaring basic property mappings 
  • Declaring column attributes 
  • Non-annotated property defaults 
  • Mapping identifier properties 
  • Mapping inheritance
  • Single table per class hierarchy
  • Joined subclasses
  • Inherit properties from superclasses
  • Mapping entity bean associations/relationships
  • One-to-one
  • Many-to-one
  • Transitive persistence with cascading
  • Association fetching
  • Mapping composite primary and foreign keys
  • Mapping EJBQL/HQL queries
  • Mapping native queries
  • Hibernate Annotation Extensions
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