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Hibernate is an open source ORM solution type (Object Relational Mapping) which facilitates the development of the persistence layer of an application. Hibernate can be represented in a database by Java objects and vice versa.

Hibernate facilitates persistence and the research data in a database by making by itself the object creation and filler treatments thereof by accessing the database. The amount of code thus saved is very important especially as this code is usually tedious and redundant.

Hibernate is very popular especially because of its good performance and openness to many databases.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Traditional persistence
  • Hibernate motivation
  • Installation
  • Relationships
  • OneToOne
  • OneToMany
  • ManyToMany
  • Component
  • DAO Design Pattern
  • Data Access Object
  • Benefits
  • Implementing Business Logic
  • Service Layer
  • Domain Objects/Business Objects
  • Designing Aproaches
  • Procedural Approach
  • Object Oriented Approach
  • Traditional Persistence
  • JDBC Overview
  • Basic Steps to JDBC Operations
  • JDBC Example
  • EJB 2.x Overview
  • Basic Steps to EJB Operations
  • Hibernate History
  • Hibernate Goals
  • Transparent and automated persistence
  • Why Hibernate?
  • Who Uses Hibernate?
  • Hibernate – Step 1
  • Hibernate – Step 2
  • Hibernate – Step 3
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