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DotNet for professionnals

DotNet for professionnals

Download free DotNet tutorial course in PDF, training file in 58 chapters and 192 pages. Free unaffiliated ebook created from Stack OverFlow contributor.

Table of contents

  • About
  • Getting started with NET Framework
  • Hello World in C#
  • Hello World in F#
  • Hello World in Visual Basic NET
  • Hello World in C++/CLI
  • Hello World in IL
  • Hello World in PowerShell
  • Hello World in Nemerle
  • Hello World in Python (IronPython)
  • Hello World in Oxygene
  • Hello World in Boo
  • Strings
  • Count characters
  • Count distinct characters
  • Convert string to/from another encoding
  • Comparing strings
  • Count occurrences of a character
  • Split string into ?xed length blocks
  • ObjectToString() virtual method
  • Immutability of strings
  • DateTime parsing
  • ParseExact
  • TryParse
  • TryParseExact
  • Dictionaries
  • Initializing a Dictionary with a Collection Initializer
  • Adding to a Dictionary
  • Getting a value from a dictionary
  • Make a Dictionary with Case-Insensivitve keys
  • IEnumerable to Dictionary (? NET 35)
  • Enumerating a Dictionary
  • ConcurrentDictionary (from NET 40)
  • Dictionary to List
  • Removing from a Dictionary
  • ContainsKey(TKey)
  • ConcurrentDictionary augmented with Lazy'1 reduces duplicated computation
  • Collections
  • Using collection initializers
  • Stack
  • Creating an initialized List with Custom Types
  • Queue
  • ReadOnlyCollections
  • Creating a ReadOnlyCollection
  • Updating a ReadOnlyCollection
  • Warning: Elements in a ReadOnlyCollection are not inherently read-only
  • Strings
  • Dictionaries
  • ReadOnlyCollections
  • LINQ
  • Reflection
  • Custom Types
  • Settings
  • File Input/Output
  • System.IO.File class
  • Managed Extensibility Framework
  • System.Runtime.Caching.MemoryCache (ObjectCache)
  • .NET Core
  • Dependency Injection
  • NuGet packaging system
  • System.Net.Mail
  • JSON Serialization
  • XmlSerializer
  • JIT compiler
  • TPL Dataflow
  • Process and Thread affinity setting
  • Task Parallel Library (TPL)
  • Synchronization Contexts
  • Garbage Collection
  • System.Diagnostics
  • Work with SHA1 in C#
  • Write to and read from StdErr stream
  • Networking
  • HTTP clients
  • Acronym Glossary

It is a free DotNet ebook created for beginners. The content is extracted from Stack Overflow pltaform, which is written by many DotNet developers and contributors.

The content is released under Creative Commons BY-SA

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Submitted On: 2019-04-29

Take advantage of this course called DotNet for professionnals to improve your Programming skills and better understand DotNet.

This course is adapted to your level as well as all DotNet pdf courses to better enrich your knowledge.

All you need to do is download the training document, open it and start learning DotNet for free.

This tutorial has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand basic DotNet Programming. After completing this tutorial you will find yourself at a moderate level of expertise in DotNet from where you can take yourself to next levels.

This tutorial is designed for DotNet students who are completely unaware of DotNet concepts but they have basic understanding on Programming training.

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