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Easy Laravel 5 is an overview of the new PHP platform, free training document material under 44 pages intended to beginners by W.Jason Gilmore.

Laravel, created by Taylor Otwel, initiates a new way of designing a framework by using what is best for each feature. For example, any web application needs a system that handles HTTP requests. Rather than reinventing something, the Laravel designer simply used Symfony's to extend it to create an efficient routing system. In the same way, sending emails is done with the SwiftMailer library. Somehow Otwel made his market among all available libraries. We will see in this course how this is achieved. But Laravel is not only the grouping of existing libraries, it is also many original components and especially an orchestration of all that.

In this course, we will see how to create a Laravel application and how the code is organized in an application.

To use Laravel and follow this chapter and the whole course you will need a server equipped with PHP with at least version 5.6.4 and also from MySQL. We have seen in the preceding chapter the different possibilities.


  • Introduction to Laravel 5
  • Suggestions
  • Laravel 5 basics
  • Your first program with Laravel 5
  • Chapter 1. Introducing Laravel
  • Installing Laravel
  • Managing Your Laravel Project Development Environment
  • Creating the TODOParrot Application
  • Configuring Your Laravel Application
  • Useful Development and Debugging Tools
  • Testing Your Laravel Application with PHPUnit
  • Conclusion
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Download Tutorial Laravel 5

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