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Statistics with Julia

Ccurrently many of Julia's users are hard-core developers that contribute to the language's standard libraries, and to the extensive package eco-system that surrounds it. Therefore, much of the Julia material available at present is aimed at other developers rather than end users. This is where our book comes in, as it has been written with the end-user in mind. The code examples have been deliberately written in a simple format, sometimes at the expense of efficiency and generality, but with the advantage of being easily readable. Each of the code examples aims to convey a specific statistical point, while covering Julia programming concepts in parallel. In a way, the code examples are reminiscent of examples that a lecturer may use in a lecture to illustrate concepts. The content of the book is written in a manner that does not assume any prior statistical knowledge, and in fact only assumes some basic programming experience and a basic understanding of mathematical notation.
Download free tutorial in PDF (413 pages) created by Hayden Klok .

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Submitted On: 2021-05-15
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Author(s): Hayden Klok

Take advantage of this course called Statistics with Julia to improve your Programming skills and better understand Julia.

This course is adapted to your level as well as all Julia pdf courses to better enrich your knowledge.

All you need to do is download the training document, open it and start learning Julia for free.

This tutorial has been prepared for the beginners to help them understand basic Julia Programming. After completing this tutorial you will find yourself at a moderate level of expertise in Julia from where you can take yourself to next levels.

This tutorial is designed for Julia students who are completely unaware of Julia concepts but they have basic understanding on Programming training.


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