How To Make Video Games

Learn How To Make Video Games, This ebook shows you everything you need to know to make video games.

Video games have always been an important player in the computer world. Shortly after computer design, gaming programs came into being. Now, the market of this leisure exceeds that of the big screen.

While playing, you probably have the desire to make your own game. This tutorial aims to lay the foundation stone for your project so that it becomes a reality.

This tutorial is not written only for beginners. It is a guide to start any video game project and to remind you of the basic concepts and tools to carry out your project.

This is a "basics" tutorial that will give you some good information about making video games. The profession of making video games is an exciting and very complex one and there have been hundreds of books written on the subject – books sometimes exceeding thousands of pages. This tutorial is not that in depth but it will give you a nice first experience with making games. 

Table of contents

  • Introduction to Video Game
  • Keeping and Managing your Gamers Book
  • Designing on Paper is just as important as work on the computer
  • Careers In video Game Making
  • What Software should you use to make a video game?
  • Seven Creative tips for Game Making
  • About Writing scripts for your video games
  • If you really want to see fast results – How you can make your first game in 1 hour
  • Using the Reality Factory Software
  • Familiarizing Yourself with the Workspace
  • Lighting in your game
  • Adding simple objects to your game
  • Texturing surfaces of objects
  • Adding a second room and cutting a doorway
  • Leakage in your game
  • Cutting the doorway
  • About Graphics in your game
  • How to Make and Import your own Graphics into your video game
  • Textures, What they are, how to get them, how to make them and get
  • them in your game.
  • Textures continued
  • Using Texture Packer to import graphics
  • Review and More Resources

What is a video game?

Before we begin, let's go back to the beginning. What is a video game? It is by knowing this that it is easier to imagine the different elements necessary for its creation.

First of all, a video game is not just the work of a single programmer (except in very rare cases). A video game is the gathering of an idea, a program, drawings and sounds. This all is a video game. These domains are also fragmented into subsets.


  • artificial intelligence - management of enemies and "neutral" elements;
  • engine - block that allows the orchestration of elements of the game;
  • 2D / 3D - module that displays images on the screen;
  • game - the rules of the game, the management of health, the appearance and orchestration of elements and others;
  • sound - module that manages sounds, music according to the events of the game;
  • network - module allowing to make multiplayer games;
  • user interface - menus, pause screen, HUD;
  • tools - the map editor and other tools needed to create the game.

Game designer:

  • writer - creator of the story, the scenaristic framework of the game;
  • gameplay designer - creation of the rules of the game (how to win / lose ...);
  • level designer - creating levels.

Graphic designer:

  • facilitator;
  • visual effects artist;
  • texture creator;
  • modeler.

Sound :

  • sound effects ;
  • musicians.

This list is far from complete. For example, there may also be communication employees (website, community) or, for international projects, translators.

This list is true for very large projects. For simpler projects, we can meet a programmer and an artist and have a very appreciable result.

This free course is a collection of essays and a tutorial on making video games. The essays are independent of the tutorial and give you tips, hints and guidelines on game making. They are indispensible to the whole art of making games. The tutorial is based on the Reality Factory Game development software. 

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