Android video game tutorial



Table of contents

  • Outline
  • Android Development Environment
  • The Android SDK starter package
  • The ADT plugin
  • Configuring the ADT plugin
  • Android SDK and AVD manager
  • Pointers
  • Starters: "Hello World"
  • Android Project Components
  • A Tabbed application
  • Android Manifest.xml
  • Accessing Sensors
  • GPS Sensor Access
  • Accelerometer and Access to other Sensors
  • Android and Databases

Principle of a 2D / 3D game

This is a "graphic" game, that is a "video" game in the true sense of the word. This means that images follow each other to create a cinematic effect. We must therefore define the frame rate per second (or FPS in English for Frames Per Second). The code that manages the display is a permanent loop, in which we go each time:

  • manage the actions of the user (keyboard, mouse, tap on mobile screen ...);
  • move objects, manage collisions;
  • display the complete image of the game on the screen;
  • we start again.

Development environment

I suggest Android Studio which is free. It contains all the necessary tools to develop an Android application: SDK, emulators ... If you have not already done so, create an emulator by going to the TOOLS - ANDROID - AVD MANAGER menu.

Creating a game

For the example, I propose you to:

  • place a moving ball on the screen;
  • bounce off the edges (collision detection);
  • and that we can reposition with the finger (management of the actions of the user).
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