Creating Games in C++ : A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating Games in C++ : A Step-by-Step Guide,this PDF tutorial teaches You How to Build A Real Game, a complete training course under 600 pages by David Conger and Ron Little.

Table of contens

  • Introduction
  • System Requirements
  • What it Takes to be a Game Programmer
  • Programming Skills
  • Computer Graphics Skills
  • Game Design Skills
  • Art Skills
  • Sound and
  • Logical Operators
  • The If-Else Statement
  • Namespaces and Scope Resolution
  • A Brief Word About Structures
  • Introducing the LlamaWorks2D Game Engine
  • A Step-by-Step Overview
  • How Does Llamaworks2D Work?
  • A Stationary Ball
  • A Bouncing Ball
  • Getting Good Results
  • Function and Operator Overloading
  • What Is Overloading?
  • Implementing a Vector Class with Overloading
  • Inheritance: Getting a Lot for a Little
  • What Is Inheritance?
  • Deriving Classes
  • Protected Members
  • Overriding Base Class Functions
  • Customizing Your Game with Inheritance
  • Part 3: The Essentials of Game Development
  • Program Structure
  • Program Structure
  • File Structure
  • A Game Called Ping
  • Chapter 8. Sound Effects and Music
  • Sound Effects and Music Are Emotion
  • Storing Sound Data
  • Sound Effects in LlamaWorks2D
  • Noise, Sweet Noise
  • Play That Funky Music, Geek Boy
  • Graduating to Better C++
  • Floating-Point Math in C++
  • Getting into the Guts of Floating-Point Numbers
  • Case Study: Floating-Point Numbers and Gamespaces
  • What Are Arrays?
  • Declaring and Using Arrays
  • Initializing Arrays
  • Problems with Array Boundaries
  • Pointers
  • Why Are Pointers Important to Games?
  • Declaring and Using Pointers
  • Pointers and Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Pointers and Inheritance
  • Arrays Are Pointers in Disguise
  • File Input and Output
  • Games and File I/O
  • Types of Files
  • Moving into Real Game Development
  • Sprites that Come Alive
  • High-Speed Input
  • The Big Payoff
  • No Slime Allowed: Invasion of the Slugwroths
  • What It Takes to Make a Real Game
  • Essential Game Design
  • Designing Invasion of the Slugwroths
  • Captain Chloride Gets Going
  • Introducing Captain Chloride
  • Pulling It Together In The Game Class

How to create a video game?

Have you ever dreamed of making your own video game? To be able to pass from the side of the player to that of the creator? Yes ? So take a moment to read this article. Indeed, the realization of a game is far from a pleasure, and when you start, you do not necessarily know where to start.

I will try to guide you with this PDF tutorial of video game design with C++ language. Starting from scratch, you will discover how they work, and then learn how to create one from scratch. No particular computer knowledge is needed to enjoy reading this article.

In this article, I will not discuss particular points such as performing a role play, or programming an artificial intelligence. I will only approach the realization of a game in a general way, then it will be up to you to deepen by using the bases that I will have given you.


What is a video game made of?

You want to know how to create a video game. Well, but if you do not know what a game is, you're going to have a little trouble. : p

To begin, we will see what are the elements that make up the games, and then we will see how to achieve them.

The elements

So what is a game?

First, and it may seem obvious, images. The main character, the sets, the objects, the animations, the weapons ... All necessary images to make a game, that they are in 2D or in 3D.

Then a game often contains music. Although they are not obligatory, the music creates an atmosphere. And do not forget sound effects such as footsteps, laser, explosion ... Today, it is unimaginable to find a game without music.

Then comes the very heart of the game: the program. This is the part that allows for interactions. It is responsible for displaying the images in the right place, to move the characters, to manage the scores, to check on which key supported the player, to play the music at the right time, to direct NPCs and monsters, and much more ... In short, he is a true conductor.


Finally come various other information. Indeed, the program needs many files containing information to be able to function. For example, in a role play, the program must know the text of the dialogs to be displayed, the NPC routes, the names and roles of the objects, the attacks and the behaviors of the monsters ...

But that's not all. Many games need a scenario that you will need to write. It will also define the gameplay (the principle) of the game. If you create a role play or platform, you will also have to create cities or levels using a software and many different images (a picture of house, a tree image, a street lamp image, etc.). It is not particularly difficult to achieve all this, but it still takes time!


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