Learning Laravel by examples

With this PDF tutorial you will learn how to build a web application with Laravel PHP Framework version 4, free training document under 58 pages.

Learning Laravel is the Fastest way to develop web applications using an framework.

The purpose of this training was to learn a new PHP framework and use it efficiently to build an eCommerce web application for a small start-up freelancing company that will let potential customers check products by category and pass orders securely. To fulfil this set of requirements, a system consisting of a web application with a backend was designed and implemented using built in Laravel features such as Composer, Eloquent, Blade and Artisan and a WAMP stack.

Table of contents

  • Begining to Learn Laravel
  • Introduction
  • History
  • Introducing to Laravel 4
  • Laravel History
  • Laravel is a MVC Framework?
  • A Guide to Install Laravel 4
  • What We Need to Install Laravel 4?
  • Installing Laravel on Mac OS X
  • Creating the workflow and configuring our environment
  • Operating system
  • Terminal
  • Text editor
  • Bootstrap as the HTML5/CSS3/Javascript framework
  • Apache–MySQL–PHP package
  • Installing Composer
  • Installing Laravel
  • Database
  • Building the application with Laravel 4
  • Designing our application
  • The Idea
  • Entities, relationships and attributes
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Created: 2017-04-01

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