Eclipse project : briefing materials

A free training document in PDF describing the basic parts of the development environement of Java (Eclipse).

Table of contents

  • Eclipse Overview
  • Brief History of Eclipse
  • What is Eclipse?
  • Eclipse Plug-in Architecture
  • Plug-in Manifest
  • Eclipse Platform Architecture
  • Plug-in Activation
  • Plug-in Fragments
  • Plug-in Install
  • Eclipse Platform
  • Workspace Component
  • Workspace and Resource API
  • Incremental Project Builders
  • Workbench Component
  • Why SWT?
  • Eclipse Platform on Linux
  • Eclipse Platform on Mac OS X
  • JFace APIs
  • Workbench Terminology
  • Debug Component
  • Java Perspective
  • Java Editor
  • Eclipse Operating Environments


Excerpt from course :


JDT is a state of the art Java IDE T is a state of the art Java IDE

* Java views, editor, Java views, editor, refactoring refactoring

– Helps programmer write programmer write and maintain Java code and maintain Java code

* Java compiler Java compiler

– Takes care of translating Takes care of translating Java sources to binaries Java sources to binaries

* Java debu Java debugger

– Allows programmer to get Allows programmer to get inside the running program

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