XML messaging with SOAP

This PDF tutorial gives a hands-on introduction to using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) for communication between components.

This course material is an introduction to the SOAP communication protocol used to communicate with a broad web service. This course material begins with a presentation of the structure of a SOAP message. It is followed by a description of the header and body of a SOAP message.

Table of contents

  • Prerequisites
  • Getting help and finding out more
  • Tutorial introduction
  • Introducing the component
  • HTML calendar
  • The calendar component IDL
  • The date structure
  • The InvalidDate exception
  • Adding a listing by SOAP request
  • What is SOAP anyway?
  • The HTTP request header
  • The SOAPAction header
  • The SOAP envelope
  • SOAP encodings
  • The SOAP body
  • SOAP metadata examples
  • The Add listing response
  • HTTP Response header
  • The return result
  • Get listings request/response
  • The request body
  • SOAP faults and other notes
  • Error handling
  • Resources and feedback 
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Created: 2016-06-19

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