An Introduction to C & GUI Programming

Download free course An Introduction to C & GUI Programming, pdf file on 156 pages by by Simon Long.
Even if you are an absolute beginner, this book will teach you all you need to know to write simple programs in C and start creating GUIs.

The first half of the book is an introduction to C, and covers the basics of writing simple command-line programs. The second half shows how to use the GTK user interface toolkit with C to create feature-rich GUI applications which can be run on the desktop.

- Create simple command-line C programs
- Control flow with conditions and loops
- Handle variables, strings, and files
- Design graphical user interface applications in C
- Handle user input with buttons and menus
- Use advanced UI features such as data stores and dialogs

Table of contents

  • Getting started
  • Variables and arithmetic
  • Conditions and comparisons
  • More advanced flow control
  • Pointers
  • Functions
  • Arrays and strings
  • The string library
  • User Input
  • File input and output
  • More about types and variables
  • Header files and the preprocessor
  • Introduction to GTK
  • Your first GTK program
  • Buttons
  • Labels and layout
  • More advanced layout
  • GUI user input
  • Combo boxes and list stores
  • Tree views
  • Menus
  • Dialogs
  • Built-in dialogs
  • Customising widgets
  • Glade
  • C quick reference
Pages : 156
Size : 9.3 MB
File type : PDF
Downloads: 45
Created: 2022-02-01
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Author(s): by Simon Long
An Introduction to C & GUI Programming

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